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Rules for booking

Booking now

Book a bed and ensure your comfortable stay. Booking a bed at the hostel in Kharkiv for daily rent takes only filling in the form on our website. Our booking conditions:

The Good Night Hostel is not just accommodation in Kharkiv. We shall surprise you with comfort, cleanliness and high standard of service. Every room offers space for rest and work, uninterrupted Wi-Fi is available. A clean kitchen equipped with all necessary appliances and a shower room are available. Thus our hostel suits not only for travelers, but also for the guests of conferences, contests, and corporate events.

How to book a bed at the Good Night Hostel?

To rent daily accommodation in Kharkiv fill in the form on our web site or call the reception. We shall offer you an available bed. The prepayment for the first day is included in the accommodation cost. The payment may be proceeded via the Visa’s payment system. If your plans change, the booking can be cancelled 3 days before the date of the planned check-in. In such a case we shall return your money.

Booking a hostel bed in Kharkiv you can be sure that you can check in at the convenient time. We know how hard it can be to arrive from the station having traveled a long way. Book a transfer at the reception and a hot breakfast to start your trip with comfort and delight.

Early check-in (from 5:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m.) and late check-out (after 12:00 a.m.) are also available. This service costs 50 % of the standard daily rate. Renting a bed at our hostel when traveling to Kharkiv be sure to enjoy a comfortable, inexpensive and pleasant stay. We have thought everything out, from eco-friendly wooden furniture to lighting and freshly brewed coffee, for the Good Night to become your home in Kharkiv.