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6 - bedded room with private bath

6 - bedded room with private bath

If you are looking not just for a night’s lodging, but for comfortable conditions to work, eat and rest and prefer fresh renovation and polite staff, the Good Night Hostel shall be perfect for you.

6-bed room

This is a spacious room equipped as all the rest with large comfortable bunk beds featuring ComFort class mattresses, sized 1 x 2 m. New silicone euro pillows are very comfortable. Every guest receives fresh ironed bed linens and two terry towels.

In addition, this room has a leisure area, where you can quietly use your laptop, play with your kid or do your domesticities. Here you can also dry your washed clothes. The hostel provides an iron, a hair dryer, a shoe dryer and other necessary appliances to make comfortable and pleasant any journey, whether a conference or a tour, a meeting or a children’s contest.

The 6-bed room has an individual shower room and a WC equipped with new sanitary installations. The hot water is available 24/7. The floor is covered with new ceramic granite tiles. The window is reinforced plastic with different aeration modes. This room shall be perfect for a family trip. And if you contact us in advance, you can live in it with your group without other guests.

This room features free high-speed Wi-Fi, by virtue of which you can have a rest playing games or reading online or any other web entertainments. The room is cleaned every day as the whole hostel, it is always clean and warm by virtue of the individual heating system.

Good Night is not just a cheap hostel in Kharkiv, we offer comfortable conditions, polite and caring staff and safety.

Our Hostel offers flexible discount system - when booking over 14 days  there is discount.