Украина, Харьков,
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Rooms & Prices

4-х местный номер

4 - bedded room

Price: 240 uah per day

This small room feature stwowood enbunkbeds, mattresssize 1 x 2 m.

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6 - bedded room with private bath

Price: 240 uah per day

This is a spacious room equipped as all the rest with large comfortable bunk beds featuring ComFort class mattresses, sized 1x2 m

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6-ти местный номер
8-ми местный номер

8 - bedded room

Price: 220 uah per day

This spacious and light room holds the biggest number of persons.

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The Good Night Hostel includes three comfortable rooms intended for eight, six and four persons. We are there for you at Prospekt Nauki, next to the Botanichnyi Sad metro station. The entrance is located on the side of the Prospekt Nauki. Our convenient location successfully combines with economic prices. Looking for a cheap hostel in Kharkiv? Book at our place.

It is no matter what room you choose, you shall always have at your disposal:

Comfortable wooden bunk beds are equipped with Comfort class orthopedic mattresses. Every bed features an individual light and 2 sockets, which is essential for rest and work. We offer not just a bed in Kharkiv, but homeliness and delightful ambient.

Good Night Hostel Accommodation Prices

You can rent a bed at our hostel in Kharkiv at a low daily rate. A bed in the eight-bed room costs 220 UAH/day. A bed in the six-bed room costs 240 UAH/day. There is also a four-bed room featuring an individual WC, a bed there also costs 240 UAH/day. Children under 5 don't pay for accommodation, if they do not use an extra bed.

Our hostel in Kharkiv is very cost-efficient, thus it is convenient to rent not only short-term, but also long-term. You can pay cash or using the Visa’s payment system. If due to any reason you need to stay for less than a day, you shall pay for a one-day stay.

We have a discount system for the guests staying longer than 10 days.

It is no matter, whether you come to Kharkiv for a couple of days or a month, you can enjoy inexpensive stay at the Good Night Hostel. We can help you to arrive from the station or to choose a sightseeing tour. You can use coffee machine, order a breakfast, wash and iron your clothes. In a word, at our hostel you shall feel at home.

Our Hostel offers flexible discount system:

- when booking over 10 days  there is discount

 days 8-badded room, UAN 6-badded room, UAN 4-badded room, UAN
1-10 days 220 240 240
>10 days 200 220